The products we put on our bodies topically also play a role in our well being. Our skin is the largest organ in our body and it can absorb almost everything that you put onto it. We put on many different beauty and skincare products on the skin every day. This is how you unknowingly expose yourself to many harmful chemicals, which can make their way into our bloodstream. With rising awareness around the benefits of organic makeup, many people have switched to organic beauty products and natural makeup options to protect their beautiful skin and keep the inner glow intact.

natural makeup

Here are the benefits of using organic beauty products:

  • Good for the environment: Organic beauty products are made using natural ingredients grown without using harmful pesticides or fertilisers. Most of these products are made using fruits, leaves, vegetables, roots, etc. These organically grown ingredients keep your skin soft and give a beautiful inner glow. Organically grown products are good for the soil, thereby helping in restoring the quality of the soil.
  • Good for your skin: Our skin is like a sponge, it can absorb anything that is put onto it, be beauty products, dust or sunlight. Natural makeup options are light and don’t clog your skin’s pores, allowing the skin to breathe. The chemicals in regular products can clog your pores thereby damaging your skin health and making it age faster. Organic products maintain the skin’s pH level helping the skin absorb the product easily and show better results.
  • Good for overall health: Most regular beauty products have endocrine-disturbing chemicals like phthalates, sulfates and parabens. Absorption of these carcinogenic chemicals harms your immune, reproductive and endocrine systems. The chemicals can penetrate deep into your skin and damage skin cells. The benefit of organic makeup is that it can reach the depths of your skin and help your skin by repairing damaged cells and strengthening it.