With the blog I started doing more personal short films and sharing my experiences of shooting them. Most of my commercial work I cannot share on here, that is why it’s my personal work that I share.

It also slowly became a resource for people to learn about low-budget filmmaking. Totally accidental, just an offshoot of my love of sharing everything. I am really pleased this has happened as it has made the site what it is today. Sure, I could have a simple site which just shows of my work but I am very proud of what the site has become. Although there are times, detailed below, when I sometimes wish it was just a simple showreel site!

Huge thanks must go to all the people who visit every day and have turned a place to showcase my work so I can get work into pretty much a community. I know many of you from emails, comments and of course twitter.

Without all the people who read the site, write to me, make comments I would not have anywhere near the motivation to keep it going like it is. Currently it takes a good 4 hours a day + to run my site and answer emails, maybe longer some days. It’s a labour of love which it needs to be as my day job shooting is what earns me money so I do that most days and the site in the evening or the odd day off (there are not that many!). It doesn’t leave much time for anything else! I write the posts myself with the odd guest post.

I have a few affiliates from companies whose gear/ services I use day in day out and totally recommend. I was offered a very lucrative deal to have loads of ads on my site from all sorts of people. I turned it down as there were companies in there whose gear I had never used and ones I didn’t like so there was no way I would have them on my site!

Some have said there is censorship on this site with regards to comments. Censorship is a strong word and it’s use in the context of me deleting some comments is incorrect. This is my site I will continue to delete or not approve unnecessary or rude comments. I am sorry, but if you want a place to rant then start your own blog, please don’t use mine for your rants. I also ask you to please respect other people on here and write comments as if that person is in front of you. Politeness, respect and civility.

Everything I say here is just my opinion and should never be taken as gospel! if you don’t like my work don’t watch it! I don’t watch TV shows I don’t like after all! 🙂

Am I biased? Absolutely, everyone is! But in a good way. I rave about stuff I love, that is all. Have you ever caught me raving about something I didn’t like? Never and I never will! But please take any review as my personal opinion as that is what it is. Others will agree and disagree. That is the nature of the beast.

Once again, thanks for frequenting my site, reading my blogs and I hope I can help out as many people in the coming years as is possible. Whenever I go somewhere abroad I try to meet up with as many readers as possible so please keep an eye out for those meet ups and I really hope to put as many faces to names as possible!

I have already said this but I need to re-iterate it…Everything on here is just my personal opinion. Please treat it as such!

I want this site to be a fun place. I think it is! Let’s keep it like that!