hairstyle on wedding dayThe day of your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. You will want to go back to pictures from this day and cherish the happy memories from this day for the rest of your life. When it comes to important events such as your wedding, you want to put your best foot forward and make sure you look good in photos to avoid regretting your choices in future. Your entire look plays an important role in this, starting from your dress, your makeup, your hairdo and down to the little details. This can make or break your wedding look. Your hairstyle on your wedding day is more important than you think, for a stunning wedding day look. A modern bridal updo might be what you need to get the wedding look of your dreams.

If you are looking for some modern wedding hairstyle ideas, here are some wedding hairstyles for the modern bride:

  • Trendy updos: Doing an updo is a great option for your wedding day as it not only looks pretty but also keeps your hair from getting into your face which can be irritating sometimes. There are so many different trendy ways of doing an updo, starting from the standard or a messy bun to braid crowns and poofy, textured updos.
  • Half up half down hairdos: This is great for when you are indecisive about leaving your hair down or tying it up. This type of hairdo looks very styling and gives you a lot of space to experiment with your look. You can also accessorize this look in many different ways.
  • Loose curls: This is probably the easiest hairstyle of all. You can simply do loose curls in your hair for a beautiful hairdo on your wedding day. It is very versatile and gives you a lot of play area with accessories.